Anti-Racist Activism

I am not too aware of what kind of groups are already available on campus. So, besides the fact that I have read these papers, I’m not the best person to ask. First things first you need the social norm that exists and causes inequalities. Let’s create a hypothetical social norm as an example. handedness is kind of weird and at the most relevant so, it will make a good thing to arbitrarily divide the population with. We are going with the numbers that are saying right-handedness is 70% of the population and left-handedness is 30 percent of the population. I’m doing this because it makes the left-handed minority larger and a lot more significant within the population of UNE to be a problem. Now the social norm we should go with is something that Works in a minor everyday occurrence within life at UNE. So let’s go with food swipes into the cafeteria. Right-handed people get to use the card reader and get into the cafeteria quickly while left-handed people must input their student ID and wait until they find the corresponding ID. Despite how weird and bizarre this might be to us this is the norm in this hypothetical UNE. Now, who is inciting incident starter? Put your hands together for the amiable Jane Doe. Jane Doe has a lot of friends at UNE. She is part of 7 different clubs, 3 off campus, and, has 2 on-campus jobs. It’s easy to say that she interacted everyone on campus and is good friends with at less a quarter of them. And our good friend Jane doe just so happening left hand. A day comes by where Jane Doe isn’t firing on all cylinders. She is tried from all work she did yesterday and Is not in the mood to stand in line to get her soon ID church so she can get some food in the cafeteria she pulls out her student ID and goes up to the scanner and scans it. At first, nothing happens she walks in and gets to start eating her food, but she’s halfway done with her meal. One of the cafeteria staff comes up to her and asked her to properly get checked into the cafeteria. She is almost entirely exhausted from her all nightery studying applied hyper-baboon physics. She ignores them the card reader accepted her meal swipe the same way as if she had been, I checked in, so she continues eating her food. Eventually, the cafeteria employee called insecurity too remove her.  She’s eventually dragged out of the cafeteria and brought to security’s office with many people that know her seeing her being removed. This initial incident causes immediate action within Jane Doe strong ties. Her close friends Are very clearly outraged by this knowing current our hard work and dedication. Eventually, Her friends start to realize how BS the cafeteria System is, and they pass on this outrage to their friends and close associates. And everyone starts to Think about how this system has more Disadvantageous than advantageous. So, using the strong and weak connections that movement starts to form around Jane doe’s getting kicked out of the cafeteria. People start to boycott the cafeteria until it lets everyone use the card reader. As the cafeteria loses business students begin organizing Jenner nights where dorms get together and cook dinner together. Even though this is inconvenient people still do it because of social pressure. Even in this hypothetical scenario that is so unlikely that it’s more like a fantasy scenario you could see how movements from around events and persist the social expectations and pressure.

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  1. From the assignment: “Write a 600 word informal essay explaining what it would take to start and grow an anti-racist movement here at UNE, considering the implications of the fact that UNE is a “mostly white space.””

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