The first thing is you start with a small incremental change that is not big or life change. Then you start to pick up the pastes with that help with you getting a custom too.

Plan for Better English Essays

  • More annotation — Make then the beacons that help direct quotes and Essay structure. Record your reaction to the paper to the paper, Asks questions, Chunk the paper into sections, do text to text, self, and, world, challenge ideas in the paper
  • Better Quote — Fill Quote File with useful quotes and words
  • Better MLA — Do the MLA this time
  • More refined edits — Editing needs some work
  • Critique — Use UNE google account  to share and review paper
  • Better Read of Materials — Read better
  • Better Connection — To the text and the question asked

Identity 1/18/19

Identity is a sense of self in relation to others, ideas, and, places.

Identity anchors us to thing like, love, hate, and, need.

It is are as social animal and beings.


Note from classmates

Identity as A Citizens aka Social Security, Role in Society

Identity as A Digital Denizen

Identity as A highly conditional thing that changes according to the social and location conditions.

Identity as An everything related to but not you.

Identity as A Geographic Identity aka where you live and the stereotype.

Identity as A Belief you attempt impose

Identity as A derivative of your parent and family

Identity as An part intrinsic to you and part your experience

Identity as A