Anti-Racism Visits

I am not aware of what kind of groups that deal with race and the institutions it effects are already available on campus. So, besides the fact that I have read these papers and the stories I’ve heard from people I know. I’m not the best person to ask about this. This is not even factoring in how generally oblivious within the predominantly white social spheres of UNE to begin with. Just as of writing this I’m currently not within ubiquitous disposal of someone who better understands these topics specifically relating to UNE. Most of the stories I’ve heard have happened outside if UNE. you could say that I live in some sort of white bubble. At home in Connecticut I Who is definitely Not in the total whiteout that the majority of communities experience but it was pretty white. My high school was unique in that it wasn’t totaled white but had a significant minority population when compared to other schools. In fact race did come up at an issue in interschool conflicts. My life in New York was definitely not his white as my life in Connecticut. Astoria is known for being a variable melting pot of a variety of different cultures at roughly the same economic level. As a younger kid the concept of race was utterly foreign And all that mattered was who was the funniest to play with. So I have some experience with it but I am definitely guilty of pushing it aside whenever it gets brought up. Even then when leaving high school one of the things I secretly was excited for was that when I got to college nobody cared there’s almost like if childhood started again and nothing mattered except whether or not you were fun to hang out. So, when it comes to ignoring racial issues on campus. I’m not going to say like I’m purposely ignoring them but I’m ignoring them. So maybe that’s something I could change it’s so easy to ignore issues like this around campus. it can be hard to have really convinced people 2 invest their time at college into these issues it’s an easy sell to people of color have gone through these experiences understand it’s important but to people who have lived most of their lives that within the white bubble can be a bit of a difficult sell and you’re going to have to rely on the lot the methods you used to build a social movement to really get people engaged in these issues.

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  1. Hi Doyle,

    This paper really gains focus and gets going after the throat-clearing about how you’re not really the right one to ask. One of the things about writing is that you often have learn new things to develop the expertise you need to solve the problem you’re setting out to solve with your writing. This is true for experts as well, who don’t work on settled issues as often as they have to work on emerging poorly-understood problems.

    So, once your buckle-down and starts focussing on the task at hand you do pretty well. By the end of the essay, you’re just about ready to start writing about the social habits that are problematic here at UNE and how to go about developing better ones. I’d really recommend focusing directly on the bullet points in the Friday and Monday homeworks and the google Doc we used today. You tend to meander around issue. Be more concrete and use the resources we’ve built to think with rather than pulling from your head.

    Overall, I’d like to see more direct use of the concepts from Duhigg as a lens for analyzing the social habits at UNE that support racist thinking and planning concrete actions to take to make the situation better.

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