Owens in The Park Oct 26

The Owens are couple American zoologists. Who live in Africa to study and Helping the conservation of animals on. Odd things started to happen  motivations of the Owens in their conservationism can be questionable at best. They went to the Savanna to supposedly research the wildlife that live there. If they are not acting in interest of scientific conservation, what is the real motivation? Anyone who cares about conserving wildlife should what they are doing, because they are setting a presided for how conservationism should work. What’s at stake is the reputation of conservation movements and the animals themselves.

Both of our Owen have specialized degrees within zoology and spent several years studying the wildlife of Deception Valley for 7 year before getting kick out by the Botswana Government. This mean that they should product valued research. Deception Valley provided a unique opportunity for them to study the wildlife detail do to the animals in the area not having an instinctual fear of humans. This detail allows them together much more data than anyone else would have in a different region. This means overall, they’re able to contribute a lot more to the field of zoology than someone working with the same animals in captivity. By the time they finish their research in the area they learned a lot more about the social structure of the Brown Hyena and Desert Lion. Little was known about these animals until they perform their research in the region. These contributions should haven’t had starring you’re standing of the region a highly. Merit research can also be by what organizations have decided to give them grants. Both National Geographic and Frankfurt Zoological Society awarded them grants allow them to continue with their research.


So why did the Owens love the Savannah so much. It’s very clear that they do. They spent 7 years drinking a Metallica tee then bathing in it then pouring it into their car’s radiator, so clearly, they like something about the time we spent there. Well it could be a combination of things. Their romance was formed when they were working at the nature reserve, just like we’re any couple first meet it could be a special place for them. And this is probably one of the major factors as they described spending a lot of time together in the beautiful reserve. Another reason could be the sheer appreciation of the local environment gained through study of it. As a lot of the time in science, those who studies in certain fields tend to gain an appreciation for the subject of the field. It’s a natural outcome of the factors which drive science what time you spend doing something or being somewhere the more likely you are to like it. Another reason why they could like this park is the level of isolation. Kind of like how trying a brand of objectively better food conventions you never did a thing for more brand that you used to eat.  the isolation present Within the natural reserve could be so great that try and find it in any level in civilization is impossible hence their adoration for the natural reserve. Desire to be isolated may come from the fact that liberating to be alone sometimes and in fact healthy especially when you’re with someone who you share an intimate relationship with. One of my last poets on why they might love the park so much is what it represents. The park is a highly isolated part of the world almost untouched by humans except for the “a few of Stone Age Bushman in an area larger than Ireland”. An untouched wilderness in a world dominated by man is a powerful thing.


The Owens deep and emotional relationship with the reserve Is important factor in their decision to combat the poachers who threaten the wildlife such a manner as they did. Information deep and intimate connection is a big contributor to this but also the escalation should be noted.  they didn’t just show up in the park and start kicking ass and taking field notes. It started with dive-bombing poachers with their Cessna Plane and when it crews ineffective of scaring off poachers. Mark Owen and started to use a shotgun loaded with cherry bomb rounds that would not harm them but simply provide a hazardous explosion firing them from his plane. When that started to prove dangerous they began to help arm the scouts who patrol the reserve and join them on them.



In the end I don’t really know what Owens motivation was for doing what they did. It seems like it all was situation that gets out of hand do to slight escalations in force used by both sides. Now to be fair this was violent poachers shooting animals that they shouldn’t be shooting in the 1st place and they started off by just flying above them and trying to scare them, but you can’t deny that It definitely got away from them. It’s also not to say that what they did is bad they had to rise to the intensity of the situation and ordered to do what they set out to do. if they had just kept shooting cherry bombs out of planes and hoping that the poachers would just stop. don’t like it do that but they have to be proactive in stopping the poachers.

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