DarkTimes Essay Nov.2

When I watch this talk it was weird. Just as any conversation about the modern political situation it was fraught with peril and careful acrobatics to be as unbiased as possible. He’s talking about the current situation we find ourselves in politics-wise. Roger walk a very fine line when he talks about political discourse. I like what he says about how the discourses become very antagonistic and Lacks any real to debate. Especially the part where he starts talking about climate change. It really gets me to think about how to really convince these people that need to act, but you must change their minds on. If telling them to just believe it because it’s happening more and slapping down graphs and charts and data numbers in front of them and pictures of ice sheets melting has convinced them yet. You probably have to slowly sublimate their ideas and show them why this is just the way things are debate with them. It’s crazy how we flossed contact with the subject of just debating with. Then he starts talking about fake news and this is where it gets crazy because you know the fact that we can’t trust one of the most traditional sources of Information. Not to mention all the different types of agendas all those Russian hackers in brightbet types have. How they basically can control misinformation and how people think

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