Final English Essay Part 1

When I first got my schedule together and was getting ready for college, I wasn’t too happy to see a writing on the schedule. To be honest I was not looking forward to more English after 4 years of high school. It was a class I really excelled in and Some of my most hated things about high school were related to it. A great example of this frustration is the books Anthem by Ayn Rand and Feed by M.T. Anderson. I hated these books to no end just every element of the books infuriated me. These are probably negative emotions I’ve had about high school. I’m open to reading basically anything for a class, but they give me headaches. The last year of high school English was just getting out of here and in the marine labs. So, when I started I have told myself that “I know I might not enjoy this, but it’s a necessary part of my college curriculum and if I didn’t want to do it again I would have to do well”. This led to me just going into college English saying college is a new day maybe will be a new day for me and my relationship English. Once we got started on the slow dismantlement of my high school Writing experience, I think that’s when I really begin to enjoy the class. While some assignment would aggravate me and sometimes just not resonate with me, I would still enjoy most of the class. Certain things have found difficult to unlearn Is what I wouldn’t call perfectionism but focus on the ideas I was talking about and not the technique I was using. I write about this problem in a 10 Minute Writing on November 14, 2018 “I keep running into a kind of writer’s block. It’s hard for me to think of ideas for the paper. I can write but it’s difficult to do so.  My sources are a bit of a problem too. It’s is difficult to work them in without it sounding cringe.” You can see the active distress I am having as I try and focus on the idea instead of the technique. It was terrible because I wouldn’t get anything done and I will get better at what I was supposed to be getting better at. I got frustrated and eventually talk to Professor Drown any recommended the current strategy. By the next Entry (November 19, 2018) it seems to be working “The focus on technique has been really beneficial for my writing process. I have found it to write about the thing I like to be difficult. This is because of my care for the topic make it hard to accept low quality work and focus on technique.” Even with all the progress, I’ve made I have a lot to go. A lot of the old rules of high school Are still rattling around in my head. Note add more about 7 creative things

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  1. This is a very good start to the segment and integrates quotes to reflect on in the way I’m hoping to see it.

    I see your note about adding about the 7 habits of the creative mind. Go ahead and do that, and try to sprinkle them throughout your reflection instead of taking them one at a time.

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