Final English Essay Part 3

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year Is persistence especially with learning things. If I keep working on things and keep focusing, I will eventually succeed. No matter how hard it gets I can do it, HOPEFUL. One thing I must get on is updating my logs and portfolios. A lot of the time I did work and lost credit because I couldn’t take 5 seconds and posted. I remember spending Sunday nights on essays just trying to get them finished. Waking up in the morning to be told that I did post my essay, so I would be behind on the work we were doing. Perpetuating a cycle where I always have something that should be in but that’s not in. On a lighter note, one thing I have gotten better at is annotations and reading. I never liked it annotations because of how I perceive them they thought they need to be like a complex statement on the topic of the paper. I never thought that they could just be random stuff I thought about while reading the paper. This opens a whole new world a possibility when reading stuff, I never had to stop and really think about its annotations. This revelation happens around the time I was reading the Owens paper. Really help me for the rest of the year. One thing I could say is that I never really found a way to directly use the annotations in my writing, but they help me think it out a lot more. One thing I did improve in writing is the technical it’s not such a foreign concept of now.  I can set up rudiment type of voice marker and quote sandwiches. I’ve heard a lot about writing in this 15-week course. But still, have a lot to learn. One thing is how to just write. Sounds like a weird problem because I’m doing that right now, but sometimes into a random stop in my writing process which hold me back from getting really getting into a flow of productivity. It is a seemingly small problem, but it really stops me from to the level of work that should be expected of me. It’s because I’m either filled with indecision and at a loss of words for what I should write. And it’s this bad habit that I need to get rid of it works to really grow as a writer. I’m optimistic about the future though.

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