Covering is A process of selective self-repression of traits that may not be totally accepted by society at large in order to better fit in. This is a part of the False self which is the opposite of the True Self. The False self is Projection of the individual onto others within society that they are not comfortable or afraid showing their true selves too. Well, the true self is the genuine person free of any projections flattering or otherwise. Covering is inherently a projection of the false self and Yoshino makes this very clear. As an example, he says his false self was a straight Asian man and his identity was a gay Asian man, but he has that false identity so society will accept him more. Now covering is not entirely bad People cover themselves in all kinds of way. Whether it’s the little white lies to make socialization just a bit easier or Dressing up nice for a special occasion, it just something we do. The problem is that were doing it for things that should be perfectly acceptable within society and yet there still hiding it.

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  1. Solid paragraph, but, by itself, it doesn’t answer all aspects of the prompt. These discussion questions are meant to help improve your understanding, but also to give you practice with sentence and paragraph construction, especially paragraphs that do more than task at a time. So take advantage of the assignment opportunity and work on signaling and integrating quotes, connection concepts to examples, and drawing out nuances from broad idea.

    Please revise into separate answers, address all aspects of the prompt, and work with some quotes.

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