Kenji Yoshino

The reason why liberties important part of civil rights is because it being, because the ability to be yourself no matter what Is intrinsically part of freedom. If you can be your true self within society are you truly free. That is why we can’t be held back by the rest of society and we must be allowed to be ourselves under the law. Why we can’t be totally expected to fully assimilate to any culture. “We have not been able to see it as such because it has swaddled itself in the benign language of assimilation. But if we look closely, we will see that covering is the way many groups are being held back today.” (Kenji Yoshino P480-481). And the threat of needing to suppress yourself is just against society. this is unfair as some people don’t need to suppress their identities. So, this really calls into question like are people equal if they need to suppress their identities. Even minor suppressions of self could be considered violations of one’s freedom. and many racism bills within US law defend people’s rights not to be discriminated against for a race, creed, belief, and, choice of life. Wowing for those to truly express themselves we have much to gain as we can understand people more.

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  1. I think this is a useful riffing on the idea of liberty. But, I’m not sure it moves your thinkng ahead, and I’m not sure how it’s a targeted response to the questions I asked:

    “Use paraphrase and explain quotes from Yoshino to define the liberty paradigm of civil rights and the equality paradigm of civil rights. Then tell us which paradigm Yoshino believes will protect the True Self better and explain his reasoning. Name a group in society who face societal demands to cover their True Selves and – in a separate chunky paragraph – explain how, in your view, their civil rights might best be protected.”

    An answer to those questions would explain the differences between the liberty paradigm of civil right and the equality paradigm of civil rights, identify which one Yoshino thinks will work better for the True Self and explain why using quotes, examples and explanation, and then apply that thinking to an example of a group facing societal demands for covering of your choice.

    Please try to aim your work at the targets I’m setting for you. If you do, you’ll practice the more advanced thinking, reading and writing skills this course is designed to teach.

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