What important things does Rose learn from Jack MacFarland in the classroom that unlocks the door to the upper-middle-class for him? To what degree was what Rose learned in the classroom from MacFarland available to Coates in his classrooms? Why else is MacFarland so important to Rose’s success? Did young Ta-Nehisi Coates have similar figures in his life? What’s different about the kind of mentorship each young man received?

Rose gain perspective from Jack MacFarland. He says he says at the end of the essay. It let him think beyond his neighborhood if only for the shortest time. Well, it wants the teachers that were able to get him out of the neighborhood and that’s what coats locked in his classroom like if he did show interest in his school’s coach would have been ridiculed and killed. As far as I’m aware coats had to work his way out It didn’t have the pleasure of a figure to guide him. They built themselves from the mentorships.

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