The Invention of Race

The invention of races is part of a radio broadcast series their talks about how race came to be within the United States. This specific broadcast focuses on the direct origins within US society. like a lot of things, the United States the first kind of separation between white Europeans and Africans Was started by European specifically Portuguese propagandist for the Portuguese crown.  the documentation of the local groups where Portugal was acquiring their slaves from where deliberately made to sound barbaric to justify the enslavement of the people. The second thing I learned was one of the first instances of perpetual servitude in the United States was a man by the name of John Punch. John punch was a former indentured servant who ran away from his master with two other men the other men were a Dutchman a Scotsman and got off with extended servitude sentences. While John punch was sentenced with perpetual servitude to his former master. I also learned how slavery was used to placate the lower classes in terms of the wealthier parts of society. It proved a cheap source of labor implicated those in the lower rung of society above the slaves. It’s really shaped how I view prevents like the civil war and slavery. like how I used to think that people supported the civil war in the S because of objectionable morals but now I’ve come to see it as a trick. Convincing people who are state rights wall it was just to keep their bottom lines intact.

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