Octo 1st Homework

Octo. 1

  • The shape is all ruff
  • It is done in a sketching manner
  • I do not like the portrait
  • I just don’t like looking at it
  • The style of the eye is one of the few things I like about It
  • I see the rough outline of my self
  • The drawing creates a weird sense of hate, self lothly, critical, and, need for improvement.
  • Begrudging contentment
  • I feel that it would be improved if the drawing was of something other than our self
  • I was deeply disappointed by myself and think I could do better

I feel like all the concentration in the world couldn’t have helped me with this. The fact is I don’t have experience drawing face or self-portraits and that the thing. I’m going to drawing face, but if I focus on learning to do it. I can’t have expectations that I will make the best portrait in the class. If I don’t pay attention to my method and error I will never get good at it just like my writing.

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  1. Doyle, I think your essay is spot on. Your expectations do seem to get in the way of your creative production. Sometimes you have to suspend the judgmental part of your mind to allow the creative part to come out.

    Attention and concentration aren’t quite the same thing. Attention is the act of purposeful perception. It can come in spurts and still be useful.

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