Oct. 10 Secrets of Success

The conversation between Gladwell and Krulwich change focus a lot. The primary question of the podcast is “How do you explain people of really unusual talent”. They go on to talk about what factors can influence whether or not someone is a success. Birth month, Birth year, Parent Socal Standing, and, Birthplace. Using hockey as an explanation he talks about how if you’re born in the wrong month it can ruin the chance of getting good at it. Then they start to talk about how being a genius at something requires that love of that thing. All of the answers to the question didn’t leave a lot to desire. We didn’t get to hear the end of the conversation.

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  1. Hi Doyle,

    I’m interested in what you mean by “all of the answers to the questions didn’t leave a lot to desire.” Can you say more?

    Also, I’m surprised to hear that you “didn’t get to hear the end of the conversation.” It’s true that we ran out of time in class, but you were supposed to listen to the podcast again to complete the HW assignment. Trying to do the work I’m asking on just one reading or listening is making it much harder on yourself.

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