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Curiosity is a universal trait among people. I don’t know how curiosity starts it’s just there. From the days when your baby you see something go over to touch it and shove it in your mouth to see what it is. As you mature curiosity comes to refined. Start to know more about the world and the thing that make you curious become bigger and more complex. Whether it’s other people or what’s the highest part of the world. Curiosity manifests its way within almost every facet of society. That’s the reason why the government spends billions of dollars on a rocket, telescopes, deep sea submarines, weather balloons, expeditions, and, surveys. That’s why people travel the world to See as much as they can. It usually starts by seeing/hearing/tasting/feeling/smelling something weird or wondering something weird. This is usually followed up by a process research. This process can be very different depending on the situation and question. For example, if you smell something good you usually follow that up by trying to find the source of it or would ask someone “You smell that?”, Do you know where that came from”, or, “What are you cooking?”. If The question appears within academia a much more rigorous process of questions research and follow-ups made sinus. Attempting to probe deeper to find the actual answer. Therefore, in the settings, the questions are usually a lot of larger dead but is that smell. And a lot of times will do ask questions and receive answers it only makes more questions. And with room forever grow more questions you start to have sides and theories.  This is where arguments start to come into shape. They really based on how people interpret the world around them and to what means. People are always going to assume that their standpoint is rational because they assembled them from the surrounding evidence and answer questions. This evidence in answer to questions they start to present their argument to other sides and they will do the same. This created discourse between the to of them as they try and win out over the other’s argument. This struggle is self-improving in a way as either side need to become better and better and better to continue the argument. In the end to get a discourse that has created a constantly improving system which pushes reason to the forefront.  Which in question map you get to really see this fire and return fire method of argument especially been is “The Secret of Success”. Both Gladwell and Krulwich Firing off questions at each other to really talk about in depth this issue of success and talent. This is not so much the case equation for good where it is a story dressed up as an exchange of questions.

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  1. There are some really solid insights into the nature of curiosity in this essay, Doyle and I like how you explain that research is one response to curiosity.

    There are some moments in some sentences where it seems like there are some words missing or wrong words – are you dictating your papers like we discussed? If so, you probably need to do some proofreading to see if the words on the page actually match your intended meaning. This is something you could discuss with Megan.

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