Reflection – Peer Review

In terms of giving up your reviews, I feel like along some sort of comfortable ground. When reading other people’s papers, I’m as direct as I can get.  The find it easier to be direct then to beat around the bush, but if there’s one thing I must improve on it is the Menasha of giving a peer review like word suggestion. I clinically abuse word in my write and unless of the word is really sticking out like a sore thumb, I don’t suggest new words in others writing. I mean before I have suggested better words for other people’s writing but that was only because he was having a hard time finding the words and it was a defined problem he had found before I review it. So, I’m not confident in my ability to suggest new ways of wording papers. With the bigger things like theme and overall pacing, I’ll call out whenever I see it. It’s a lot easier for me I think because I’m not focusing on the minutiae I’m focusing on the bigger themes. I Also find myself trying to help people extend what work they must cover more of the criteria that the assignment requires.  As in high school and elementary school middle school, I found myself having a lot of trouble with writing and meeting seemingly arbitrary criteria like oh it must be 2 pages long or have three paragraphs. So, in that time I picked up a couple tricks on how to extend work a bit more. But since most of the papers but due to peer review being more about the substance of the paper than the actual technical minutiae of what goals that accomplish that doesn’t really need it most of the time. For the one-year thing, I found is that it’s a lot easier to place quotes in other people says then it is my own.   maybe it’s because I’ve been placing quotes in my essays all wrong or maybe it’s because the degree of separation makes it easier to deconstruct and throw away easier to insert new information without worrying how it affects the rest of the essay. In general, I think a lot of my problems with writing have to do with my inhibitions about writing.  The way I have call return since I was little his probably stick with me for a very long time. and I feel that it’s probably a lot of my method which is bad with my work when is I do write well people say it’s good.

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