Reflection – Writing Process

In all honesty, this essay is just not my best work.  I know exactly why I didn’t do well and that’s because I didn’t understand the topic on a level that got me interested in it.  You know it’s easier to write on stuff like animal rights because I had an opinion on that, but my opinion on civil rights and how laws affect how people those people who are affected by them. I’ve always been like you know yeah give them rights people should be allowed to love people, but I’ve never thought of it on a deeper level. So, my writing process is basically sitting down and trying to get it done turn on some music and have all the relevant information upon separate tabs. The way I do a lot of my writing is kind of a combination of typing and using speech to text programs as let me get out volumes of words on to the paper. This helps me get through the roadblock of getting the words onto the paper and allows me to keep up with the workload. On the note of animal rights, the essay animals place think I did well on I was proud of that. I was invested in the topic even though I’m skeptical about some animal rights I was very interested in the topic and very excited to write an essay about it.  It’s it was suddenly I had in my head for a long time about how certain animal rights organizations just take it too far with what they do. I feel like an animal place essay was my first real college essay. I think the essay that has a lot of parallels with The Owens essay as I had a bit of trouble. Mainly due to me not completely reading it. This heavily restricted the amount of material I felt comfortable using. It also didn’t help that this was like A continuation of animal’s place, but it was saying who has more value human hunting endangered animals or endangered animals.  I not proud of it, but also, I don’t remember most of the stuff I wrote for it. A lot of the points were really flimsy, and I think I in an attempt to cover up my lack of knowledge on the topic I turned full blast on the owns trying to paint them as the definitive villains

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