What evidence does Coates give for his assertion that the American Dream is built on the destruction of black bodies? You’ll need to pull together quotes from multiple locations in the reading to answer this question fully.


I can see where he’s coming from on that front, but I think that saying that all of America’s wealth is due to the foundation built upon slavery Is a tad unrealistic. now I’m not going to deny that a lot of the wealth during especially the 19th Century. The South producing the cotton and the North manufacturing that cotton and into cloth for sale to European nations, but despite my condescension’s it undeniable that the oppression of people of color in this nation. And that on equitable practices have been thrust upon them which have led to an almost perpetual system of poverty and inequality. But these practices were extensively done because racial hatred of course some of them did benefit economically from it, because it isn’t human if it isn’t going to befitting off the misery of others.

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