Perhaps we should return to Mecca 2/21/19

Coates writes that “laws of school” were “aimed at something distant and vague” (p. 25). Pull together material from throughout the section of the reading to explain what precisely (and there’s more than one thing) the laws of schools were aimed at.

The Place that you supposed to be a process of enlightened yourself. It’s supposed to take you from who you are to who you want to be, but in the neighborhood, it is a far dream. It is a system that does not help them but chained them by the right leg.


Coates emphasizes the role of reading and writing played in his life in at least two different places in this segment. Pull together that material and explain Coates’s commitment to reading and writing. What adult figures were important to him as he learned to read and write for his own purposes?

On pages 26 and 29 two strong connection to writing and reading can be found. On page 26 Shows a connection to reading as he recalled something, he read in college a few lines from something in reading before he dropped out.  “Ecstasy, coke you say you love its poison. Schools are where I learn they should be burned its poison”. This quote feeds back into how he saw school as the shackle on the right foot and how it fits in with the other idea that the streets are the left shackle.  On page 29 he talks about how his grandmother told him how to write in the way school didn’t teach him how to emphasize the importance of his family in this time of his life that how it wasn’t the institutions that were supposed to help him.  it was the people around him.


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